If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

Welcome to Oklahoma City Indian Clinic!

Thank you so much for all that you do and for becoming a foster family for a Native American child. Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC) wants to take excellent care of your foster child and provide them with a stable medical home. OKCIC is located in southwest Oklahoma City and provides culturally sensitive, comprehensive medical services to Native American children.

Services provided include:

  • Complete medical care by board certified pediatricians including well-child exams, sick visits, vaccines, full laboratory and radiological evaluation. OKCIC also has a complete, stocked pharmacy to meet your child’s medical needs.
  • Behavioral health services include counseling, individual and group
    mentoring programs.
  • Pediatric specialists including pediatric endocrinology.
  • Vision
  • Dental
  • Wellness support, including nutritional counseling, exercise programs and fun camps/programs all throughout the year.

If you are interested in this clinic, please visit the New Patient Registration page for information on how to establish a chart at OKCIC and schedule an appointment, or you call (405) 948-4900 ext. 633 to any questions.

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