If you are having a medical emergency, call 911.

Physical Therapy is available to patients and can help those who have had surgery, recent fractures, limited range of motion, decreased strength, impaired balance, decreased flexibility, and pain. Physical Therapy is often an equally effective and cheaper alternative to surgery and prescription drugs for conditions ranging from back pain caused by degenerative disk disease to knee pain caused by tears or osteoarthritis.

It is important to note while physical therapy can help many patients, it is not the appropriate treatment for everyone. Receiving treatment by a physical therapist is rarely a passive activity. Patients are educated on proper physical therapy exercises to be done on their own at home. The best patient outcomes occur as a result of teamwork between the physical therapist and the patient.

Patients who think they might benefit from physical therapy will need a referral from an OKCIC provider. Accepted referrals will receive an initial assessment to determine whether physical therapy is a valid option and a treatment protocol. 

Located on the first floor of 5208 West Reno, across from the Wellness Center.

For more information or to schedule an appointment with your Medical Care Team call (405) 948-4900.

Physical Therapy Tips

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