Chief Information Officer

Max Burchett, Jr., PharmD, MHA, earned his Masters in Healthcare Administration from Oklahoma State University and his Doctor of Pharmacy from Southwestern Oklahoma State University. Dr. Burchett had an extensive history in the public and private sector in information technology, telecommunications, healthcare and pharmacy when he came to Oklahoma City Indian Clinic from the IHS Oklahoma City Area Office in 2015. He began his career at Oklahoma City Indian Clinic as the Clinical Informatics Pharmacist and later added roles as the Clinical Application Coordinator and the Assistant Director of Pharmacy serving in those three roles until he was promoted to Chief Information Officer in 2021. 

Dr. Burchett is an examiner for the Quality Texas Foundation and is a member of multiple national organizations for pharmacy, quality and informatics. He also serves on several committees that are part of the IHS National Council of Informatics. Dr. Burchett is married with two children.